Device and Performance Recommendations

zkipster is only supported on iOs and Android devices. 

Recommended iOs Devices for zkipster

Below is a list of iOs devices that can operate with zkipster, as well as our recommendations for the devices that will give you the best performance when using zkipster. 

Supported iPhones

iPhone No  
iPhone 3G No
iPhone 3GS No
iPhone 4 No
iPhone 4S *** Yes
iPhone 5 *** Yes
iPhone 5C *** Yes
iPhone 5S  Yes
iPhone 6 Yes 
iPhone 6 Plus Yes 
iPhone 6S Yes
iPhone 6S Plus Yes 
iPhone SE Yes
iPhone 7 Yes
iPhone 7 Pus Yes
iPhone 8 Yes
iPhone 8 Plus Yes
iPhone X Yes

Supported iPads

iPad 1  No
iPad 2 *** Yes
iPad Mini ***  Yes
iPad 3 *** Yes
iPad 4 *** Yes
iPad Air *** Yes
iPad Mini 2 *** Yes
iPad Mini 3 *** Yes
iPad Air 2 Yes
iPad Mini 4 Yes
iPad Pro 12.9" Yes
iPad Pro 9.7" Yes
iPad 5 Yes
iPad Pro 12.9" 2 Yes
iPad Pro 10.5"  Yes

*** - Supported but Not Recommended 

Supported Android Devices

To run zkipster on Android your device must be Android version 4.0.3 and up. Kindle Fire, Microsoft and other non android devices aren't supported.

A combination of factors to keep in mind that can affect app/device performance

When these factors are put together, they can cause some significant delays: 
  • Events with 2000+ guests 
  • 10+ devices 
  • 3+ Custom Fields 
  • Slow or unstable Internet connectivity 
  • Printer sharing with 2+ devices 
  • Old iPads running iOS 11 (*) 
* Due to Apples newest updates older iOs devices will begin to show some reduction in performance. 
Note we are constantly working to update our app to ensure we delivery the most efficient and reliable check-in on the market. 

Recommended WiFi or Network Speed

The most important thing to have is a reliable and stable internet connection and speed isn't that important of a factor. With that being said we recommend a 4G and above network as that enables the fastest and most secure connection currently available. 

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