How to Account for Additional Guests for an Event and on your Forms

How to add Additional/+1 guests?

Make sure you account for all guests with a "Total Guest" Column on your excel. ‘Total Guests’ is not the number of additional guests coming with the main guest, it is the total number of guests including the main guest.

To ensure an accurate guest count the Total Guest logic is as follows =

No RSVP = 0 Total guest. This is to account for anyone you don't expect to come and won't count them toward your total guest count. Choose NO RSVP after importing when it asks you to assign a default value. 
Main Guest only = 1 total guest.
Main Guest+1= 2 total guests.
Main Guest +2 = 3 total guests and so on.
These numbers are what you would put in the "Total Guest" column on your excel. Should look like the below:

We recommend adding a Custom Field for the guest's names if you wanted that see that info as well!

Total Guests on the Form

The Total Guest column on your excel is how you would determine how many additional guests a Main Guest can bring when they RSVP on the form. 

Once you have the Total Guest values determined, you would turn the Total Guest response field to ON within your form and it will then create a drop down asking how many people they will be RSVPing for. 

For example, if you attributed a 3 in the Total Guest column for a guest it will ask them if they are RSVPing for Main Guest only, +1 or +2.

We recommend sending test emails to a test guest list so you can also see exactly how this entire process from receiving the invite and filling out the form would look for your guests. Your guest's form drop down will look like the below. Zack had 2 in his Total Guest column: 


Do you have different sessions or multi day events?

We recommend importing them as separate guest lists so you can organize your lists accordingly.

For example: Import different guest lists if you have multiple sessions and label them Session 1, 2 and 3. Or import lists by days within an event. You can label them accordingly to how your event is  set up.

All fields are searchable from the desktop when looking at your guest list. You will also have a Master List on the tablets when checking in guests.

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