Customizing Name Badges

How can I customize my name badges?

Name Badge Printing allows users to print nametags and escort cards by connecting a tablet to a label printer. Name Badge Printing works wirelessly, and prints automatically with each guest check-in. NOTE: You need a compatible thermal label printer to use Name Badge Printing. This article explains how to customize Name Badge Printing for your needs.

What Can I put on the Name Tags?

The name badge feature allows you to print name badges with each guest’s first and last name in a multitude of sizes. Additionally, you can add two other lines for different fields you would like associated on your name tags.
  1. Click Name Badges tab on the left hand menu
  2. Choose the Fields, Font, Size, and Alignment you desire
  3. Click Save Changes

Selecting and Customizing Printing from zkipster App

After you’ve configured your wireless label printer with zkipster on a tablet, you can alter the settings for your labels.
To choose your printer and customize your name badge prints from your event
  1. Open the zkipster app
  2. Click on your event
  3. Click into your Guest List
  4. Select the printer icon at thne bottom left
  5. Select your Printer if not automatically found
  6. Select Landscape or Portrait mode
  7. Select Auto Print if need Name tags to print once guest checked in



What happens if you have longer information in Guest Field?

If you happen to have a longer title or guest field for a guest the printer will automatically wrap the text to the next line without disrupting any of the other lines you have selected to print. Example below.

Can I have custom length name badges?

Custom length name badges can be utilized by purchasing the custom length paper roll. Once inserted, the roll type will automatically adjust on your zkipster app. Using the app, you can select the desired length, and get started.

Can I add a logo to my name badges?

Currently, only the first and last name of a guest and different fields can be printed onto our name badges. However, Brother is working on improving their printer software to enable logo printing. Our developer team is working on improving our customization, so check back here as more updates become available.
And always remember if you have a quick question or need support click on the smiling face on the bottom right and our team will get in touch quickly!
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