zkipster Form Builder - Editing RSVP Form


This article will cover the necessary steps to take to customize the form either as a stand alone form, or as part of an RSVP invitation. NOTE: Instructions on how to make edits to a form after your invite has been sent are located at the bottom of this article.

Form is Taking Responses

Here is where you determine if the form is taking responses or set up certain restrictions to automatically close the form.
  1. Manually switch form to closed
  2. Close form according to a time before the event
  3. Close form on a specific date
  4. Close form after a certain amount of guests have confirmed their RSVP for the entire event
PRO TIP: You can come back to your form at anytime and close the form after your invite has been sent.

Form is Private

When sending emails through zkipster your form will always be set to Private. The only time the form would be turned to public is when sending emails outside of zkipster through a mail merge, or placing the form URL on an event landing page.
  1. Private - All emails sent through zkipster are private and attached specifically to your guest lists. Each form is specifically tied to a specific guest and can't be forwarded to a different person
  2. Public - Turning the form to public to create a URL link for the form that you can use outside of zkipster. 
    1. Choose the specific guest list submissions will be sent to from the drop down.
    2. Choose additional guest amounts allowed for these unknown guests to be added to.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each email and form is specific to the Main Guest so if they forward an invite then anyone who enters new information will overwrite data of the Main Guest. To lock fields to prevent this from happening look below at the Response Fields section.

Additional Guests: If you want guests to be able to RSVP for additional guests, or request another guest be invited, zkipster recommends indicating a specific email guests can send requests to for asking to invite others somewhere in the body text or footer of your invite, and on the form Notification Message.

PRO TIP: Send the RSVP email to a test guest list with personal emails to see exactly how the form will look for  guests.

Page Design

This is the only area where you can change the look and design of the form.
  1. Change the Logo - Upload logo image and align it.
  2. Edit Header - Choose the text and text color
  3. Edit Footer - Choose the text and text color

Response Fields

  1. Toggle appropriate response fields on or off
  2. Create your own Custom Fields with text fields, single choice drop downs or checkboxes. NOTE: The Guest Fields tab in your Event Settings is where you can manage the order of the fields on the form
  3. Click into the fields and decide whether you want the information to be
    1. Required - The guest would need to fill in the info to RSVP
    2. Locked - The information of the guest wouldn’t be able to be changed

PRO TIP: We recommend locking all response fields that don't need to be updated. Locking fields will prevent someone from overwriting the info of the Main Guest and corrupting your list data, if by chance the invite was forwarded to someone other than the Main Guest.
EXAMPLE: In the example below I decided I wanted the first name, last name and email of my guest to be locked, while I added a custom field for dining requirements and made it a required field for my guest to fill out before RSVPing.

Button Options

Here is where you can decide if you would like to add a decline options as well as how the buttons look
  1. Choose the Color and what the text says
  2. Choose whether to add a decline option
  3. Choose if you would like  guests to be able to leave required fields empty when Declining for the event

Page Notifications

This is the message that will pop up the moment the guest RSVPs.
  1. Edit the message for when guests RSVP or decline. PRO TIP: This is where you can add information informing guests there will be a follow up email or direct them towards an email where they can ask questions.
  2. Edit the message for when the RSVP form is closed and you're no longer taking responses
  3. Send confirmation email to guests toggle ON or OFF. (customization of this email will be coming in a future update)

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Email Notifications

Once your guest RSVPs the Admin user will receive a email notification as a default. In this section you can choose to turn this off, or choose a different team member as the one to receive these notifications.

Add to Calendar Feature

Your guests will be able to add your event quickly to their calendar from the form once they register for the event. This is automated so nothing you need to do to add this to your forms.

Making Changes to Forms once an Invite is Sent

There are times when using the forms that you will need to go back into the form and change a response field, turn the resposnes to off, or turn the Email Notifications to off. To do this you can follow these steps.
  1. Click into the Invitations tab
  2. Click into the specific email you sent
  3. From the Email reporting page you will see "Edit Form" at the bottom of the page
  4. Click on "Edit Form"

The next step will be to Review and double check your invitation setup to make sure everything is going to be completely to your standards.
And always remember if you have a quick question or need support click on the smiling face on the bottom right and our team will get in touch quickly!
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