zkipster Email Builder - Edit Email Invite


Now that the invite been segmented on how it will be delivered, you can begin the customization of the invite content


  1. Set up the background. You have two background options.
    1. This changes only the large background and the background of the invite colors. It's not possible to add images here.


  1. Set up a logo. Upload an image and select how it should be displayed. Left, Right or Center. Or choose to turn it off completely.


  1. Set up the Banner Image. Upload the banner of your choosing. Or turn this section completely off as well.
  2. Choose to link Banner to the Form

PRO TIP: Upload custom invitation images here. The system accepts  .gif., .jpg and .png files, and the image will always be resized to a width of 570px if larger to ensure deliverability. Do you need recommendations on file and size? 

Body Text

Type in event details, or anything in the body text of what the invite is intended to say. PRO TIP: Having body text accompany an image helps increase deliverability of invite emails.

From this section it's possible to edit
  1. Font, Alignment, Size and Style of the text
  2. Add and remove hyperlinks with the chain icon for websites, event pages or emails
  3. Edit the Source code with the two arrows NOTE: This take some technical knowledge, but if you wanted to add an image to the source code this article will walk through how to do so.
  4. Add Automated Tags such as Guest First Name or Event Details with the tags drop down. These will then automatically pull data from each guest and personalize the emails being sent out.


  1. Choose to have your button on or off. Even if you link the Banner to the Form we recommend having an RSVP button available as well.
  2. Customize the RSVP button text and color of the button


  1. Font, Alignment, Size and Style of the text
  2. Add and remove hyperlinks with the chain icon for websites, event pages or emails
  3. Remove zkipster Watermark from this page

PRO TIP: This could be an area where to hyperlink your website or social media pages.

Plain Text Version

Turning this on enables a basic email to be sent to guests because if they have strong firewalls on their emails they may only be able to see a the plain text version of your invite

Click Next and you can either setup your form, or send out the stand alone email.


You can save your work at anytime with the Orange Save button that pops up at the top.

Test Emails

Send a copy of the email to yourself or members of your team. Add a comma between emails to be able to add multiple emails at the same time.

PRO TIP: For a more comprehensive view of the entire RSVP funnel with the form, and other features, zkipster recommends setting up a test guest list with your email and a couple others to see how everything will look for the guest.

Now you can either Review and Send your email  or go to your RSVP form edit page. 
And always remember if you have a quick question or need support click on the smiling face on the bottom right and our team will get in touch quickly!
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