Invitations - Types of Invite and Form Formats available

The invitation feature is one that is unique to zkipster, and will allow you to send private invites, collect important guest information, send thank you notes and keep all your event information in one place. It’s part of our professional event or subscription plans!
We created these templates to ensure highest email deliverability possible. You have a few different options for sending out invitations through zkipster.
  1. Save the Date - Email only - Typically sent pre-event to inform your guests of upcoming events, times, and relevant information.
  2. RSVP - Email and Response Form - Allows you to create your own custom invites and RSVP forms to collect as much relevant data on your guests as possible.
  3. Reminder - Email Only - Typically sent out a period of time before the event, after invitations were sent out to all confirmed guests.
  4. Thank You - Email Only - Typically sent out to all guests that attended the event after the event has taken place.
  5. Email and Responses Form - Start from scratch at creating your own templates for invites and RSVP forms.
  6. Standalone Email - Start from scratch creating your own email template.
  7. Responses Form - Typically used to create an RSVP form that you want to associate with an outside email client like MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.
  8. HTML - Upload you own custom HTML file to send your invites. More instructions on what you need from zkipster's end can be found here.
If you have further questions related to invitations check out our invitation articles in our help center. If any questions remain feel free to reach our through our chat!
If you would like to test drive the invitations feature before purchasing a professional event or subscription please send your inquiries to
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