Manually Seating your Guests


You can always try to automatically seat your guests with your excel, but if that doesn’t work for you follow these steps to manually seat your guests.

Manually Seating Guests

  1. Seating Guest's by search
    1. Search by name
    2. Search by any field you have set up. In the example below VIP is in my notes section for my guest.
  2. Filter Guests by Seated or Unseated
  3. Organize by First Name, Last Name, or Table Label
  4. Click on the guest you want to seat.
  5. Click on the seat you want them seated in. 
All of these instances are highlighted in the two GIF examples below.

Additional Guests

Any +1 guests will be seated directly next to the Main Guest. +1 guests aren't able to be separated from the Main  Guest

Reseating and Unseating Guests

  1. Reseating a Guest
    1. Click on Guest
    2. Click reseat
    3. Click the Seat you want to reseat them in
  1. Unseating a guest
    1. Click on guest
    2. Click unseat

Seating Overview

  1. This will allow you to have a full overview of your seating plan
  2. Download a PDF from this screen as well
Now you’re guests are all ready for the event!! If you would like to see how to seat guests from your tablet follow this link.

And always remember if you have a quick question or need support click on the smiling face on the bottom right and our team will get in touch quickly!

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