Automatically Seating Guests

Excel Set Up

Couple of important things needed for when automatically seating guests with your excel.

  1. All zkipster tables should be set on your floor plan prior to automatically seating guests. Click on this article to learn how to place your tables.
  2. Guests must be designated both a Table Label and Seat Label to be automatically seated. Guests won't be seated without both.
  3. The Seat Label must account for any additional guests. The picture example below will clarify further. 
  4. Add seating colors can be used to identify different types of guests, or different identifiers like dining requirements. Colors available are: yellow, red, blue, pink and green.
  5. Import guest list. NOTE: Mark guests as "Confirmed" if also using invites as part of the Professional Event Plan.

Additional Guest Seating

If a Main Guest has additional guests to be seated, then the Seating Labels need to account for these by inputting the right seat label for each Main Guest. As you can see from the example below the seat labels account for additional guests by starting with Table 1 Seat 1 for Carrie Bradshaw. Then the next guest, Miranda Priestly, has Table 1 Seat 4 to account for the 3 additional guests the Carrie Bradshaw is bringing. This continues all the way through the rest of your guests.


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