Verifying Email and Web Domains for Higher Deliverability

How to Set up your Domain and Email in zkipster..

To verify your email you must whitelabel your domain first. The steps are simple but you will need the help of your IT team or email people. First:

  1. Go to Account Settings  - Domain Setup
  2. Enter the domain of the email server you would like to use. From the video example, I used
  3. Email your IT or email team the instructions with the email details link.
  4. Once verified you will see 3 green check marks NOTE: My domain was already verified by my Dev team in the video below. That's why you see green check marks right away. 
  5. Enter your email that needs to be verified along with the domain
  6. Verify the email from your inbox
  7. Once the email is verified you will see a green check mark. 

A Word about Email Deliverability..

All email inboxes are protected by filters that help to block spam and junk emails from unwanted sources.  These filters that work on a scoring system that grades incoming mail against undisclosed criteria to determine whether it is junk or not.  One or two triggers might still allow emails through, but if enough triggers are set off, you will not receive the email in your inbox.  

Warning triggers include:
- Sender reputation
- Size of email
- Size of images in email
- use of non ‘web-safe’ fonts    
- If the email is sent by an intermediary

The good news is zkipster has taken steps to maximize the deliverability of your email invitations!  One of these steps is white-labelling your domain.  

What is Domain White-labelling’?

This process allows zkipster to send emails on your behalf so they look like they are coming from you directly, with no mention of zkipster’s address.  Not only does it looks clean and tidy in the guest’s inbox, but this also minimizes the chance of the email invitation falling into junk as the filters don’t pick up zkipster as an intermediary tool.  

You will need to input some unique records into your email server that allows zkipster to do this.  This does not take long but will require approval and involvement from your IT team. 


What White-labeling your Domain looks like

To verify you email you must whitelabel your domain first. We do this to ensure highest deliverability and reputation of the emails being sent from our servers. This is what it would look like if you didn't white-label your domain, but verified an email.
  • Still sends from
  • Higher chance of being flagged or blocked by guest servers
This is what it looks like when white-labeling domain and having a verified address
  • Clean clear look and feel in guest's inbox
  • Higher deliverability as zkipster is now sending emails on behalf of your server

This is a great resource from Google as well on the importance of email and domain verification.

How to Set up your Domain and Email in zkipster..

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