Before and After Event Tips

Before the event:
  1. Make sure that all devices are fully charged, have their OS up to date and your zkipster apps are all up to date (latest version is always on the AppStore or Google Play)
  2. Check if all devices are connected to the internet. Caution: you might see a “wifi” symbol on the top left and the device is still not connected to the internet. So please make sure you have proper internet access by browsing to some random website on the mobile browser.

After the check-in:
  1. Gather all devices together and double check if all numbers add up. If they all add up, everything is fine and the devices can be logged out of zkipster (your data is now fully synced on the server).
If the numbers on the devices do not add up, please take the following steps:
  1. Check again, if all devices are online (see above). If not, please go online on all of them.
  2. Open zkipster again and check if the numbers add up now. If they don’t, press the orange “manual sync” button to initiate a manual sync on all devices. Check again if the numbers add up now. (It’s the orange arrow circle symbol on the bottom left of your app.)
  3. If the numbers still do not add up, you might be experiencing a networking issue on one of the devices. Gather your devices, DO NOT LOG OUT and contact zkipster support at We will then help you retrieve the data.

And always remember if you have a quick question or need support click on the smiling face on the bottom right and our team will get in touch quickly!
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