Check-in Text and Email Alerts


This feature is exclusive to zkipster and allows you to either welcome your guests personally, or let your people on site know when a VIP guest has arrived!

Depending on your event plan you will be able to use either the default zkipster message or customize the message with the Professional Plan.

Check in Message through Excel Import

  1. Upload your excel guest list with a column header spelled exactly as “Check- Message Email” and “Check-in Message Text”
  2. It will ask you for the default country code when you upload your numbers.
  3. Don’t have any spaces between your numbers, and use a comma between multiple numbers or emails. You can up to 5 numbers and emails.

Manually Adding Check in Message Text or Email

  1. Go to an individual guest page.
  2. Click on the your guest
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the information page
  4. You can add up to 5 emails or numbers to be notified
  5. Click Save
A lot of planners use this feature to let the host know when VIP guests arrive.

Customizing Check in Message with a Professional Event Plan

  1. Click on Check-in Messages tab on left hand side menu
  2. Write your Check-in Message with your own personalized custom message
The Default message for the Starter and Basic Events will look exactly like the below. Professional Events allow for customization. 

Automated Tags

If you use your colon symbol it will pop up snippets you can use to personalize your messages automatically, or just place from the insert tags dropdown.

And always remember if you have a quick question or need support click on the smiling face on the bottom right and our team will get in touch quickly!

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