Add Team Members and then Assign Collaborators to Events


Setting up users is a very important feature for both security and making it easy for multiple people to check in guests while at the door. The first half of this article covers how to Add Team Members, and the second half covers how to Assign Collaborators to specific events.

This is a 2-step process to ensure your Team Members have access to events.

Adding Team Members

  1. Click on Account Settings at the top right corner.
  2. Click on Team Members
  3. Click on Add
  4. Fill in a unique username and all other relevant information
  5. Choose to set a password or send link to let user set password.
  6. Different Roles:
    1. Editor - They can edit anything they need to for adding guests at the door, adding guest lists, editing invites and all other items.
    2. Check in - This will allow the user to just check your guests in at the door. This is used for security measures so your users with this role can’t add guests, or edit guest information.
    3. Viewer - This role is typically used to give a specific user access to the data. They can view everything from a bird’s eye view. This role is typically reserved for supervisor positions.
  7. Click Save!
Now you just need to assign them as collaborators. Keep reading to learn how! 

Once you have added your Team Members you will want to make sure you assign them to the specific event you need them on by making them a collaborator.  

Assigning Collaborators to an Event

This is a very simple step, but if you don't do this step your team members won’t have access to any of the events.
  1. Go to the Event you would like to assign your Team Members to.
  2. Click Event Settings
  3. Click Collaborators
  4. Select the box next the Team Member you want to collaborate on this event.
  5. Click Done!
NOTE: There is a limit of collaborators depending on your subscription or per event plan. As a "Pay per Event" user, you have the option to upgrade your starter or basic event to the next higher level.I f you want to upgrade for the ability to add more team members as a subscription client, please contact your client relationship team via chat or email.

Test Drives don't allow for adding additional team members. 

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