Guide to Importing your Guest List Properly


One of the first things you're going to do in zkipster is import your Guest Lists so that you can begin testing, checking in guests and figuring out who you want coming to your event. This guide will quickly walk you through how to import your list, as well as some tips for making your event as efficient as possible with zkipster.

Before getting started... Are you curious what to do if you want to account for additional guests, or multi session/day events? Click on this link for some quick recommendations on how to handle these situations in zkipster.


Quick Tips before Importing Your Excel:

  1. The First row across must contain the Column headers for  Guest Fields.
  2. Set up Column Headers exactly as they would look in zkipster. Same spelling, phrasing...everything. 
  3. Only have one email for each guest, and ensure there aren't any symbols or commas that aren't part of the email. 
  4. Remove all hidden columns, formulas, different formatting or extra sheets you have on the document. This can affect your upload. 
  5. You can only upload one sheet at a time. If you have multiple sheets then it won't upload. 
Did you receive an error message indicating you have over 100 columns and won't let you import? Quickly copy only the cells with data in them from your excel, and paste into a new clean excel and import this new excel list.

Importing your List in zkipster:

  1. Click on Add a Guest List
  2. Name your Guest List
  3. Add your Guests by importing through an excel file.
    1. Importing from Salesforce is a one way integration where zkipster pulls campaign information from Salesforce. zkipster doesn't send any data back to Salesforce
PRO TIP: Download an example template from zkipster from the page pictured below. Add any custom fields to this excel, or just use as is. Any fields you don't need you don't have to use.

Importing Excel Files

  1. Drag your file or click on the Import your Spreadsheet File box to select your excel file.
  2. Match all fields to zkipster fields.
PRO TIP: Having spelling on the excel exactly as what is set up in zkipster will allow the system to automatically match fields. The green check mark will indicate the fields have been matched. This is especially important for seating and check in message fields.

Custom Fields

Create any Custom Fields to match those on the excel. In the example below I added a Custom Field for Dining Requirements with Chicken and Vegetarian as my two choices. 
  1. You're able to import any of your dropdown and checklist custom fields from your excel.
Once everything is Matched and your Custom Fields are added, Click Continue. If you're using the invitations feature, Mark your guests as Confirmed or Unconfirmed. 


Are you going to import more guests manually or through an excel to this list? 

  1. Quickly click on "Add to Guest List" at the top right corner of your list.
  2. Choose to "Import List" or "Add Guest"
    1. The system doesn't identify duplicates when adding on top of previous lists.
    2. Replacing the list will overwrite all past Guest data and the original list can't be recovered.
  3. Go through same process above if you chose to import list
  4. Once completed, choose to either replace existing guests or add to your existing guest list.
This pop up below will display with the two choices.

Exporting from Guest Lists:

You can export your lists and upload them again at any time. Make sure to click the box to select all your guests and then select the action to export. 

You’re all set! You now have imported your guest list and are well on your way to planning the perfect event.

NOTE: Delete guest lists you no longer need with the garbage can icon on the right hand side of your list.

And always remember if you have a quick question or need support click on the smiling face on the bottom right and our team will get in touch quickly!

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