Exporting Guest Lists

Exporting from the Guest List View 

From the Guest list view you can export directly within in your guest list.
  1. From the action drop down click Export. (Will look like image below when done correctly)

PRO TIP: If you would like to filter by a specific segment of the guest list you can do so by the Grey Filter drop down. You can filter by Confirmed, Unconfirmed, Declined and Checked In 

Exporting Post Event Reports and All Guest Lists

The zkipster app automatically collects data, such as check-in time during your event, which is synced wirelessly between all devices. The data is stored in the cloud, and can be viewed or exported later.
  1. Go to the event you wish to export the report for. Click on Reports and click Export. Choose the event, guest list, check-in status and file format of the report you wish to export.
PRO TIP: You can filter by your different Guest Statuses such as All, Confirmed, Unconfirmed, Checked-in and Declined.   
  1. Hit Export. The check-in report is interactive and can be downloaded and exported as a PDF. ​
  1.  The corresponding file contains all the information from your original guest list, with the additional columns of checked-in, check-in time, total guests checked-intime added, and whether the guest was added before, during or after the event. It will also include any changes made.

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