Do you have a Custom Floorplan?

Need a Custom Floor plan for you event? Send the file to us by using the paperclip icon in the chat and we can upload it for you. 

Let us know:
  • The event it's for.
  • Any any specifics you may need for when we upload the plan to your account
    • Table sizes, change in orientation, etc. 
  •  If you’ve used the floor plan in the past, tell us which event, and we can copy that floor plan into any event that you need.
It typically takes about 10-15 minutes to turn it around and get it upload to your account once we have the floor plan from you! 

NOTE: For theatre seating plans it does take some extra resources to put them together so please provide us with additional buffer time. If we don't’ already have it on file it will take a little bit longer for us to get it set up.


150531_Starting_Guide_Seating.pdf 150531_Starting_Guide_Seating.pdf
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