Check-In with iPhone

How do I check-in with an iPhone? 

At non-ticketed events, arriving guests most likely hear the following words at check-in: "May I ask for your name, please". This article tells you the basics about event check-in using the iPhoe including the following topics: 

Guest Search
Add/Edit Guests
Synchronize Data
Offline Mode
Internal Alerts
Hardware Rental

Please note that you can only check-in guests once you've created an event, added guest lists and guests. If you would like to find out how to create an event, click here: Create Events

For more information about system requirements for the iPhone, click here: Platforms & Devices


Check-in for events happens exclusively on the app interface which means users must provide at least one iPhone to use the system. Please note that there is no limitation in how many devices which can be used for check-in, there are also no extra charges for the usage of multiple devices or users respectively.

There is no check-in function on the browser interface due to the fact that browsers don't work offline. In case of loss of signal, the system continues working offline on the app interface which guarantees check-in with no interruption. 

For more information about Offline Mode, scroll down or click here: Offline Mode

You can see live statistics of how many guests have checked-in to your event on the left side of the screen after you’ve selected a guest list. For more information on live statistics, click here: Live Statistics

To check in a guest, tap their name, and hold the Check-In button. In case some of your guests were checked-in by accident, you can uncheck at any time by holding down the check-in button for a couple of seconds. Unchecking guests is synchronized with all devices in real-time.

Guest Search

For large guest lists, you can quickly search for a guest in few different ways:
- Sort order
- Search and Find

Sort order: If you choose to search for a guest by scrolling, you can use the sort order to speed up your search. You can sort by check-in time, last name, first name, or table number in ascending or descending order.
To learn more about using the sort order function, click here: Sort Order

Search and Find: For large guest lists, it might be easier to search for a guest’s name by using the search bar. To use the search bar, you can type in a full name or partial name.
To learn more about using Search and Find, click here: Search and Find

Add/Edit Guests

At your event, you can add or edit guests during your event using your iPad. To add a new guest, tap the plus icon in the top right corner. Press Add Guest to fill out a new entry.

To edit a guest, first select the guest you’d like to edit. Then press the edit icon (a pencil on paper) to edit that guest’s information.

Synchronize Data

There is a constant connection between app interface and server which means actions like check-in or added guests are being updated throughout the account in real-time. 
Some providers ask for manual synchronization through pushing a sync-button, others synchronize data every 60 to 120 seconds - this system offers an automated real-time synchronization. We called it the Super Sync. 

Offline Mode

If there is no internet connection, the system switches to offline mode until the signal comes back on. In this mode, you are able to check-in guests and collect timestamps, but the devices will not sync until the internet signal is back on. It is important to understand that devices that are offline don't communicate with each other or with the server. Once an internet connection is reestablished, the data will be synced.

Note: if you log out of the zkipster app while it is in offline mode, not data will be synced to the server. All data will be lost.
The reason why this does not lead to data loss is that the app can store data locally. In case of an offline incident during the event, it is important to get the app back online before logging out, which will ensure local data syncing up with the servers. For more information about Offline Mode, please click here: Offline Mode

Internal Alerts

For important guests at your event, you can set an internal alert to be notified of their arrival. When the guest checks in, you’ll receive an alert on your email or phone. To edit internal alerts for a guest, click on their name in your guest list and click edit guest. Scroll down to where it says Internal Alerts, and enter either your email or phone. You can also create an internal alert when manually creating a guest. To learn more about editing guests, click here: Edit Guest

Hardware Rentals

At zkipster, we don’t offer hardware rentals for iPhones. However, we do offer a One Stop Check-In Box which includes an iPad air, zPrint-compatible printer, and a mobile hotspot.
To learn more about getting a Check-In Box, click here: Check-In Box 
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