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How can I delete my account and information? 

We’re sad that you’re choosing to leave zkipster. But just in case you decide to rejoin us, complete account deletion is not available. You can cancel your subscription to render your account inactive and disable the recurring payment, but your account will never be entirely deleted.This article will explain how to cancel your account and delete credit card information, and also how to reactivate your account.

Cancel Seasonal or Annual Subscription

Canceling your account is necessary to end your subscription. Seasonal and Annual accounts are set to automatically renew their subscriptions. Canceling your account will end this process of automatic renewal.
To cancel, log in to zkipster and go to My Account. Click on Plans & Billing. There, in the My Plan section, you’ll find a button which says Cancel Subscription. Click there to cancel.

Cancelling your account for a Seasonal or Annual plan will make it inactive after the expiration date. When you cancel your account before the expiration date, you can still log in to zkipster and access your user data and reports. However, after the expiration date you will no longer be able to access this information.

Note: after canceling your account, you can easily choose to reactivate it any time before the expiration date for no charge. To reactivate your account, follow the same steps that you would to cancel your account with one exception. In the My Plans section, you’ll find that the button has changed to say Reactivate Subscription. Click there to reactivate.


If you have a Pay-As-You-Go Account, there is no option to cancel. After you have purchased an event, it will remain in your account until you use it. Since there is no subscription needed for a Pay-As-You-Go-Account, no purchases or fees will be charged to that account unless you choose to purchase another event. After use of your event, you will have access to your reports indefinitely.

Expired Accounts

If you cancelled your account and its past the subscription expiration date - don’t worry. zkipster stores all of your information in the cloud so that it can be accessed again if you decide to reactivate. All you have to do is log in to the browser-interface. You’ll be notified that your account has expired and asked if you’d like to restart your subscription. Just input your payment information, and you’re back in action.

Delete Credit Card Information

Once an account is cancelled, there will be no fees or purchases charged to that account. However, all user data is stored in the cloud, including credit card information. If you wish to have your information removed completely, contact

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