Real-Time Analytics

How do I get real-time analytics of an event?

Real-time analytics are one of the key reasons why to use a guest list app. This article explains where to find real-time analytics on the app interface and what the stats mean. Please note that in order to run real-time analytics an event, guest lists and guests need to be added and/or uploaded. 

If you like to know how to create an event, add guest lists and guests, click here: 
Create EventAdd Guest Lists

Statistics to run real-time analytics can be found on the app interface, depending on platform on the upper or lower corner of the guest list interface. The stats display the actual number of checked guests versus total guests (eg. 50/100 means half the head count accounted for on the list is present). 

In addition, the app interface provides a status bar which visually displays the percentage of total guests checked. 

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