Setting up your Picture List and Exporting your List

How can I select who is on my Picture List?

With zkipster you can select exactly which guests you have pictures for, and also who will be on the picture list you can use a tip list. 

To select guests to add to your picture list you will use the grey drop downs on the guest list page view. Select the box next to each guest you want to create an action with and then choose your action from the dropdown. You will either Add or Remove from your Picture List. 

NOTE: You can select all guests at once by clicking the box above all the guest's name, or individually by the box next to each name. 

How can I export a tip sheet of my Picture List? 

We understand that not everything can be digital (yet). In order to accommodate the industry's need for a good old paper tip sheet printout, the system offers a compelling zFace export function. This article explains how to download and print a tip sheet. Note that tip sheet exports can only be made if zFace has been setup. 

When generating an export, the system pulls together all guest names selected for picture sourcing. The export can only be accessed from the event homepage on the browser interface. 

First go to:
  1. Event Settings
  2. Print Guest Pictures
  3. Click Print
  1. Print your Document
  2. Or Save to PDF 

Now you will either have a print out or a file for all of your guest pictures that you sourced! 

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