How does guest check-in work? 

At non-ticketed events, arriving guests most likely hear the following words at check-in: "May I ask for your name, please?" This article tells you the basics about event check-in including the following topics: 

Please note that you can only check-in guests once you've created an event and added guest lists and guests. If you would like to find out how to create an event, click here: Create an Event


Check-in for events is best when exclusively on the app interface which means users must provide at least one tablet and/or iPhone in order to use the system. Please note that there is no limitation in the number devices which can be used for check-in, there are also no extra charges for the usage of multiple devices or users respectively 

There is a check-in function on the browser interface but we highly recommend downloading the app on your mobile device as that is what it has been designed for. In case of loss of signal, the system continues working offline on the app interface which guarantees check-in with no interruption.





Note that every guest name receives a time stamp when being checked-in. Additional guests can be attached to a name by simply increasing the number of total guests per name. 

If you would like to learn more about adding guests, click here: Add Guests

If you want to list the names of the additional guests added as well, we recommend adding a custom field for Guest's Names, which has 260 characters available. To learn how to customize your app columns click here: Customizing Columns

In case some of your guests were checked-in by accident, you can uncheck at any time by holding down the check-in button for a couple of seconds. Unchecking guests is being synchronized with all devices in real-time. 

Search and Find

There are two ways to search and find guest names on the app interface: scrolling or using the search bar. The most efficient way to search big lists is using the search bar on the top of the guest list. We advise to use the three letter rule: type in the first three letters of a name to be as efficient as possible. 

Please note that all fields are searchable. You can search any information uploaded which means when searching for "vegetarian", all guest names with that same note will pull up immediately.

Barcode Scanning

With the zkipster iOs app you're able to scan barcodes and find your guests on the fly. From the app you will see a barcode icon right next to the search bar, and it will ask you to allow zkipster to access your camera. Give zkipster access and then place the square on the camera over the bardcode. You will see the guest selected right away!

NOTE: Keep in mind zkipster doesn't generate any barcodes currently so this will need to be done outside of zkipster and have the codes uploaded with your excel as a custom field or in the Notes column.

As you can see below the scanning is instantaneous regardless of the iOs device and type of code you're scanning




Synchronize Data

There is a constant connection between app interface and server which means actions like check-in or added guests are being updated throughout the account in real-time. 

Some providers ask for manual synchronization through pushing a sync-button - this system offers an automated real-time synchronization.

Offline Mode

If there is not internet connection, the system switches to offline mode until the signal comes back on. In this mode, you are able to check-in guests and collect time stamps, but the devices will not sync until the internet signal is back on. It is important to understand, that devices that are offline, don't communicate with each other nor with the server. 

The reason why this does not lead to data loss is that the app can store data locally. In case of an offline incident during the event, it is important to get the app back online before logging out, which will ensure local data syncing up with the servers. 


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